About the Horsley Group, LLC-Freight Broker

The Horsley Group, LLC- Frieght Broker is a licensed and bonded freight broker operating since 2017.  We are a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business & Registered in the VetBiz.gov Vendor Information Pages (VIP) Database.

We have our their own Authority, Motor Carrier Number, Surety Bond, and Contingency Cargo Insurance.  We want to move your loads through our outstanding carriers.

We are committed to excellent customer service.  The Horsley Group arranges freight for both governmental and private shippers. 

DOT Number:  3018606

MC Number:  33017-B


Provide the best customer service to transport a Shipper’s load from its origin to its final destination safely, on time, cost efficiently by arranging delivers with reputable trucking firms with higher reliability than any other enterprise in the World.


We use various value-added services that encompass transportation, logistics, and distribution by engaging in helping shippers find the best carrier for any given load.


We add a tremendous amount of value to both shippers and carriers by building a working relationship where both parties can benefit.  We  forge relationships with carriers all over the world and depend on them day in and day out to safely deliver shipments on time.

What is a Freight Broker?

Freight Brokers are the driving forces for successful shippers and carriers.  Freight Broker helps shippers locate and identify “U.S. Strategic Trucks” that matches their hauling requirements, thus allowing shippers to focus more on their core business.  Likewise, U.S. Freight Brokers helps carriers locate and fill their trucks with “U.S. Strategic Freight” that matches their asset's geographic location thereby maximizing profitability while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enabling a greener supply chain.

A Freight Broker is the owner of his own company who holds his/her own Brokerage Authority/Motor Carrier Number, along with a Surety Bond and a W-9.  The Freight Broker is responsible for the overall freight being transported, accounts payables, receivables, and collections.  The Horsley Group have update Carry Cargo Insurance.

What is a Broker Agent?

A Broker Agent is an agent employed to make bargains and contracts for a commission, a middleman, or negotiator between both parties.  A Broker Agent is a person who is in business to bring the sellers (shipper) and buyers (receivers) together.  Broker Agent is defined as a person who is contractually a part of a Freight Broker organization and to perform duties under the Freight Broker directions.  The Broker Agent acts as dispatcher, salesmen, claims agents, etc.

What is a Shipper?

 The Shipper/Seller is the company and or individual who is responsible for supplying the freight/loads.  The Shipper is responsible for the payment of freight bill to “Freight Broker”.  They originate the “Bill of Lading” and then load the carrier (truck) once they are at the designated dock.  The “Carrier/Truck” then delivers it to “Consignee/Buyer”.

The Receiver/Consignee/Buyer is the one who receives the load/freight purchased from the Shipper.  They are responsible for the unloading of the freight off the truck once they arrive.  Lumpers are usually the ones who unload the freight/load off the truck/trailer.

What is a Carrier?

The Carrier is the company who takes temporary possession of the freight at the time of picking up the load/freight at the Shipper’s/Seller's dock.  They deliver the products to the destination of the Consignee/Buyer’s dock.  The Carrier Company or Independent Carrier can be both large and small.  Freight Broker must first verify Carrier is licensed and insured to haul the freight/load.


 We train Freight Agents/Brokers.

 Our Teaching involves the ability to understand you:  to think  how you think, and understand both the shipper and carrier perspective.  

 We offer two levels of teaching support:

 Individual training session – one on one private and confidential coaching.

 Group training session – small setting onsite or via webinar and video technology. 

If you’re looking for a freight broker to help reduce transportation cost and improve efficiency, choose The Horsley Group for all your freight shipping needs.

Contact us for more information about our Freight Broker/Agent Services & Training.