What is Organzational Development

Organizational Development is the process of developing the internal capacity of the company. Management philosophically and operationally governs an entire organization, moving it toward its intended goal.  Organizational Development comprises the long—range efforts and programs aimed at improving an organization’s ability to survive by changing its problem-solving and renewal processes. 

Organizational Development is an emerging discipline aimed at improving the effectiveness of the organization and its members by means of a systematic change program.  Change is a way of life in today’s organization, but organizations are also faced with maintaining a stable identity and operations to accomplish their primary goals.

The five (5) efforts of a successful organizational development program:  Planning, organizational-wide, managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness, planned interventions in the organization’s processes by using behavior science knowledge.

The main purpose of organization development efforts is to increase the effectiveness of the system and to develop the potential of all the individual members.